Top Pick of Dog House out of Pallets Plans

Dog House out of Pallets
Dog House out of Pallets

Pet lovers will agree that it is hard to make the final choice when it comes to adopting pets. But once you make your decision and choose dogs, you should also take many responsibilities on your shoulders and take care of these adorable creations.

And this is not all about the food you must provide, but also decent living conditions. Hence, you should think about a doghouse as well and find one that will tailor to your dog’s needs. We’ll speak about dog house out of pallets plans. 

Anyway, some people may not afford to choose a pet house from a great variety of readymade dog houses from the market. But this is not a problem anymore!

Nowadays there are many step-by-step instructions, life hacks with a video tutorial that will help you to build a dog house yourself. In addition, we have prepared dog house plans and dog house designs completely made with pallets.

Anyway, if you search for a ready-made kennel from the market, feel free to visit our website to find a large variety of pet houses.

Why Pallet Dog House?

pallet dog house
Pallet Dog House

It should be mentioned why we have decided to prepare DIY projects made with pallet wood. This material is sturdy enough to provide outdoor elements and weather protection. In addition, wooden pallets are rather affordable and you can even find dismantled pallet slats for free. Thus, your hand-made dog house out of pallets will cost you considerably cheaper but will look great on your veranda.

Let us present our top pick of DIY pallets dog house plans.

Wooden Pallet Dog House

Wooden Pallet Dog House
Wooden Pallet Dog House

The first pallet wood doghouse project: it is a wooden dog house with a small pallet-free sitting space. This DIY pallet dog house is designed with a large inner room to let you keep all your puppies together. Hence, with all available instructions and guidelines, you will be able to create a shelter for more than one pet.

A very huge advantage of this pallet dog house is that there is no need in buying other wood supplies from the store. A few tools and a certain collection of wooden pallets and your dogs’ luxury and comfortable doghouse is ready!

The list of supplies needed for this construction:

  • Pallets 🙂
  • Metal roof
  • Wood glue
  • Nails
  • Stain
  • Hinges
  • Sandpaper

Other useful information about this project with a more detailed description of the entire design and structure you will find on the following website

DIY Pallet Dog House

DIY Pallet Dog House
DIY Pallet Dog House


Our top pick of DIY projects is followed by the next dog house out of wooden pallets with a rather minimalistic and cozy design. Your adopted pets will surely love to spend their alone time in this compact and comfortable doghouse.

If you decide to build this rustic pallet dog house, you should measure your pet’s sizes to avoid buying additional materials in the process. You can also customize the inside of this doghouse with additional insulation materials such as thick blankets, cushions, and so on to keep your puppy warm in colder months.

As in this project the door of the dog house is open, you can even create one with plywood not to let the cold air in. What is more, you can also use these plywood materials when building the floor, walls, and roof of the dog house to make it even smoother.

Install this handmade pallets kennel on your veranda and watch your kids and dogs (or cats) spending their rest and playtime together.

To find more detailed data about the needed tools and supplies visit this link.

A DIY Doghouse from Recycled Wood and Pallets

Recycled Wood and Pallets
Recycled Wood and Pallets

It is a very attractive idea to provide your dog with a large and beautiful dog house made all by yourself. On the one side, you show your great love and care towards your dog, on the other side save a lot of money 🙂 If you have been somehow connected to woodworking, then you will find free pallet slats, wood, stain or paint, and other necessary tools.

Most adopted pets feel uncomfortable in ready-made kennels where the inner space is rather small. Hence, you can build one out of pallets, that will completely be tailored to your and your dog’s interests and preferences.

You will be able to create a unique design of the walls, roof, door, bed, frame, and finally a sun deck, where your dog will enjoy warm summer days. Even with only a few pallets and screws, you will make it possible to build a dog house and stain it the way you like.

Do not hesitate to visit this link to find all the necessary instructions and guidelines for this house plan.

Dog House with A-Roof design

Dog House with A-Roof design
Dog House with A-Roof design

The final dog house plan we find interesting is one with an A-roof stylish design. This frame is designed in a way that if sold it would cost quite expensive.

That’s so due to a number of advantages. First of all, it is multipurpose and can serve not only as a pallet dog house. It also can be as an awesome playhouse for your kids. You can fill the interior of this wood dog house with your dog’s favorite toys.

You can also place cushions on the floor and why not hang its picture on the wall. It will give the pet the feeling that he is the only owner of the place he lives.

The sizes of this pallet dog house afford such kind of furnishing. You can also hang a faux bone on the roof of this pallet dog house. And also paint it the color which will suit your veranda the most.

You can sign in and find the plan of this A-roof pallets dog house with more detailed descriptions and instructions here.

To sum up, we’ll say a few pallet slats a great desire. That’s a pleasure to make your dog house with your own hands. And it’s enough to build a unique DIY pallet dog house. Just search for DIY plans that we post daily and find the most suitable for you. 

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